If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the course, please send an email to startup@csail.mit.edu

Entrepreneurship Project is a Spring 2015 subject that enables students to develop a technology based entrepreneurial project. The subject is open to both undergraduates (6.S078) and graduate students (6.S977). Entrepreneurship Project is an intensive experience in enterprise development. Each participating team will work on their own project and will have access to faculty, venture capital advisers, and outside commercial mentors. We assume that students will come to Entrepreneurship Project from a lab, project, or Founder's Journey experience that will prepare them for the independent nature of this offering. The projects should have the potential to become major businesses with substantial societal or financial impact. The focus of the class will be on building an implementation of your project idea, and subject grades will be largely based upon the technical progress achieved. Units are by arrangement, but are typically 12 to 24 units and correspond to the number of hours perweek each participant will invest in subject activity.

Each participant will need to be highly motivated to work independently. Teams are preferred, but not all members of a team need to register for credit. Weekly meetings will provide an opportunity to hear lectures from distinguished entrepreneurs, make contact with faculty and other mentors, and stay connected to the subject's community. The course is offered by Prof. David Gifford from EECS. Prof. Gifford has founded three successful high technology companies and will work closely with teams.

To participate in Entrepreneurship Project you must apply at latest by January 30, 2015, with a one page proposal. Proposals will be considered as they are submitted for the limited spaces in the class. Mail your proposal in PDF format to startup@csail.mit.edu. Your proposal must explicitly include the following points:

  1. Who is on your team, and which team members are applying to register for Entrepreneurship Project. All of the team members that are taking Entrepreneurship Project must be current MIT undergraduate or graduate students. Each participant must indicate the number of units they wish to receive, as well as the email address of their faculty advisor.
  2. What opportunity area will you investigate, what you have done so far in this area, and what do you plan to do during Spring Term 2015 with a list of deliverables and a schedule.
Class policies:
  1. There is no implied equity ownership after the class is over for participating in a team. Participation in this class does not consititute "extensive use of institute resources' and, as such, will not trigger any IP encumbrances that were not present independent of you taking this class".
  2. Existing MIT intellectual property policies apply to any commercialization of class projects (see Guide to Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of M.I.T. Technology)
  3. Participants need to notify their supervisor if they are going to engage in commercialization.